Studio Jie Sun established in Amsterdam 2010, moved to Shanghai in 2016. The studio works in various domains of contemporary jewellery, promoting and engaging in design practicing and culture, as well as developing collaborative projects with other partners.

The focus of studio practice is not only based on the production of the work, but also the contribution of contemporary thinking, artistic level and innovative theories obtained at collaboration between projects. Over the past few years, the studio has been working on its own contemporary jewellery language. The pieces are displayed in the collection of  museums and exhibited nationally&internationally at events as Art&Object Rotterdam 2009/2010, Dutch Design Week 2010, DMY Berlin International Design Festival 2011, SOFA New York/Chicago 2012/2013, Beijing Design Week 2012/2013, COLLECT Saatchi Gallery London 2012/2013/2104, SCHMUCK2014. etc.  ( Jie Sun’s portrait by photographer Thomas Aangeenbrug )

Jie Sun 

is a contemporary designer, artist, curator. Appointed Distinguished Professor  (National Distinguished Experts) and Head of Contemporary Jewelry and Fashion Culture ( NoCC )  in College of Design and Innovation ( D&I )  in Tongji University in Shanghai since early of 2016; Visiting Professor in Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. He is also founder of TRIPLE PARADE (annual international cultural exchange celebration/event, since 2014 ), and has worked on major collaborative and curatorial projects, actively engaged in both European and Asian design culture.

孙 捷 , 华裔设计师, 艺术家, 策展人.荷兰文化部颁发的优秀文化艺术人才,国家第十一批“千人计划”专家(中国海外高层次领军人才/首批文化艺术类)。出生于中国贵阳,毕业于中国中央美术学院与荷兰阿姆斯特丹皇家艺术学院/桑德伯格艺术研究院,曾任荷兰国家创意产业基金会项目顾问,后作为高级研究员任职于丹麦哥本哈根国际设计艺术中心与丹麦皇家艺术学院研究院。目前生活工作在中国与荷兰,专注当代视觉艺术与设计的策划,实践和研究.他是先锋的国际设计艺术盛典TRIPLE PARADE的总策划人和艺术总监;作为设计艺术家,他是第19届(2012)西班牙ENJOIAT当代首饰大奖唯一获得者,意大利PREZIOSA当代艺术首饰奖冠军得主;他的作品永久收藏于荷兰CODA当代美术馆,美国休斯敦美术馆The Helen Williams Drutt Collection,意大利FondazioneCominelli当代首饰基金会。并活跃于重要的国际艺术与设计盛会。




2016 National Distinguished Expert, Central Committee of China (ODCCP)
2015 Award of Cultueal Entrepreurship Innovation, Chinese Ministry of Education, Science, Technology.
2015 Winner PREZIOSA YOUNG2015, Florence / Italy
2012 Winner Enjoia’t Award for Contemporary Jewellery, Barcelona/Spain
2013 Honorable The 8th Cheongju International Craft Competition/ South Korea
2012 Nominee AUDI Talent Awards, Beijing/CHN
2012 Nominee Cominelli Foundation’s International Award, Italy